Genome reveals how woolly mammoth thrived in the cold

COLD GENES: An exhaustive genetic analysis of woolly mammoths and their living cousins, Asian and African elephants, has revealed a slew of genetic adaptations that enabled the Ice Age giants ...

5 hours ago from ABC Science

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Heaven scent: Finding may help restore fragrance to roses

Shakespeare said a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. In fact, many kinds of roses today have little fragrance. But a new discovery might change that.

24 minutes ago from

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Gene therapy for cystic fibrosis shows encouraging trial results

A therapy that replaces the faulty gene responsible for cystic fibrosis in patients' lungs has produced encouraging results in a major UK trial.

53 minutes ago from Medical Xpress

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Hot temperatures are changing the gender of lizards, study finds

As the world warms, Australia's bearded dragon lizards are changing gender and female chromosomes could disappear entirely, researchers have found.

21 hours ago from The Independent

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Flatworm can self-fertilize by stabbing itself in the head

Hermaphroditic flatworms with hypodermic-style mating get sharp with themselves.

Wed 1 Jul 15 from ScienceNews

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Babbler bird calls 'convey meaning'

A bird can communicate by rearranging sounds into calls that convey meaning in the same way that humans use language, say scientists.

Tue 30 Jun 15 from BBC News

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Why a pandemic flu shot caused narcolepsy

Pandemrix may have caused an autoimmune reaction

Wed 1 Jul 15 from Science Now

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Scientist Who Faked HIV Vaccine Research Sentenced to Prison

He was sentenced to more than 4 years in prison

6 hours ago from TIME

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Celebrity photos helped to uncover how memories are formed in the brain

In the science fiction movie Inception, Leonardo Di Caprio and his gang set out to implant specific memories into individuals' brains in order to pull off the perfect crime. But in the real ...

14 hours ago from Medical Xpress

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Gene tweak turned gastro bug into Black Death killer

TRACING THE PLAGUE: Tweaks to a single gene turned a pathogen that causes a mild gastrointestinal infection into the bacterium that causes the plague.

Tue 30 Jun 15 from ABC Science

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