African elephant numbers collapsing

Long-awaited study suggests that many of the continent's elephant populations could be wiped out in ten years.

Tue 19 Aug 14 from Nature News

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Long before Columbus, seals brought tuberculosis to South America

Evidence from the skeletons of ancient Peruvians shows that seals may have brought tuberculosis across an ocean from Africa.

8 hours ago from ScienceNews

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FDA-approved drug restores hair in patients with Alopecia Areata

Researchers at Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) have identified the immune cells responsible for destroying hair follicles in people with alopecia areata, a common autoimmune disease ...

Sun 17 Aug 14 from Medical Xpress

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Child's drawing 'predicts intellect'

A study suggests the way children draw at the age of four can be a predictor of intelligence 10 years later.

Tue 19 Aug 14 from BBC News

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Forget quotas for women MPs – time to limit the number of men

When we talk about "gender quotas", what we really mean is quotas for women. We see the under-representation of women as the problem that needs fixing. So we try to explain why there aren't ...

Tue 19 Aug 14 from

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Experimental drug stops Ebola-like infection

Treatment rescues otherwise doomed animals infected with deadly Marburg virus

10 hours ago from Science Now

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Pygmies' Small Stature Evolved Multiple Times

There are roughly half a million known pygmy people living in various tribes around the world, clustered mainly near the tropics in African and Southeast Asia. Anthropologists have long attributed ...

Tue 19 Aug 14 from Discover Magazine

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Ghana cholera outbreak at 'staggering' level

A cholera outbreak in Ghana's capital has reached "staggering" levels, an official said Friday, blaming poor sanitation and overcrowded health facilities for the rapid spread of the disease.

Fri 15 Aug 14 from Medical Xpress

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How Lizards Regrow Their Tails

The green anole lizard is master of a well-known trick: it can disconnect its tail in a jam and grow a new one. It's not only impressive, but enviable: regrowing broken or missing body parts ...

6 hours ago from Discover Magazine

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Antibiotic linked to heart deaths

LARGE STUDY: A commonly-used antibiotic has been linked to a significantly higher risk of heart death, but experts are urging caution in interpreting the results.

24 hours ago from ABC Science

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