Paralysed patient makes natural movements using robotics and the power of thought

Erik Sorto, 34, has been paralysed from the neck down for the past 13 years. However, thanks to a ground-breaking clinical trial, he has been able to smoothly drink a bottle of beer using a ...

Mon 25 May 15 from Medical Xpress

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Genetically Modified Yeast Can 'Home-Brew' Morphine

In the near future, amateur basement brewers mulling over their next batch may struggle to choose between concocting an IPA or an opioid. Scientists have recently announced that they've genetically ...

Tue 19 May 15 from Discover Magazine

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Cold sore virus 'treats skin cancer'

A genetically engineered version of a virus that normally causes cold sores shows real promise for treating skin cancer, say researchers.

4 hours ago from BBC News

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Newer contraceptives blood clot risk confirmed

RISK V BENEFIT: A large UK study supports previous evidence that newer kinds of contraceptive pills carry a higher risk of dangerous blood clots - but that risk is low in real terms.

10 hours ago from ABC Science

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Charlie Charlie Challenge explained: it's not a Mexican demon being summoned — it's gravity

You or your wayward, demonic teens might have summoned up a malignant Mexican spirit with a couple of pencils. But, thankfully, all is probably well — here's what's really going on in the Charlie ...

Tue 26 May 15 from The Independent

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Octopus has automatic camouflage thanks to its light-sensing skin

Octopuses are good at changing colour, but for the first time it's been shown that one species' skin reacts directly to light to cover it in camouflage

Thu 21 May 15 from Newscientist

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11 new species come to light in Madagascar

Madagascar is home to extraordinary biodiversity, but in the past few decades, the island's forests and associated biodiversity have been under greater attack than ever. Rapid deforestation ...

Mon 25 May 15 from

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Study examines umbilical cord clamping and neurodevelopment

Delayed clamping of the umbilical cord to help prevent iron deficiency in infancy was associated with improved scores in fine-motor and social skills in children at age 4, particularly in boys, ...

Tue 26 May 15 from Medical Xpress

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Ebola gatekeeper protein identified

Ebola's ability to infect appears to depend on a key transport protein that guides the virus into cells.

Tue 26 May 15 from ScienceNews

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Man diagnosed with Lassa fever dies in US after Liberia trip

A New Jersey man died Monday evening after been diagnosed with Lassa fever—a frightening infectious disease from West Africa that is rarely seen in the United States, a federal health official ...

Tue 26 May 15 from Medical Xpress

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