Four years of excruciating seizures caused by the 1cm tapeworm found burrowing through a man's brain

Health warning: people of a nervous disposition may find the following medical report disturbing.

Thu 20 Nov 14 from The Independent

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Hand dryers can spread bacteria in public toilets, research finds

Modern hand dryers are much worse than paper towels when it comes to spreading germs, according to new University of Leeds research.

Thu 20 Nov 14 from Medical Xpress

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A 10-second kiss can share 80 million bugs

People share as many as 80 million bacteria in a single 10-second long kiss, scientists have found.

Mon 17 Nov 14 from The Independent

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Many people who drink a lot aren't alcoholics: CDC

(HealthDay)—Most people who drink to excess or binge drink are not alcoholics, a new U.S. government report says.

Thu 20 Nov 14 from Medical Xpress

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New bird flu case in Germany

A worrying new strain of bird flu has been observed for the first time in a wild bird in northern Germany, the agriculture ministry said Saturday.

6 hours ago from Medical Xpress

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New insight can help determine when mouse models are good stand-ins for studying humans

For decades, the mouse has been a mainstay for researchers studying human diseases because the two species share many of the same genes. But now, a comprehensive analysis of the inner workings ...

Thu 20 Nov 14 from Medical Xpress

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Triclosan, a common antimicrobial in personal hygiene products, causes liver fibrosis and cancer in mice

Triclosan is an antimicrobial commonly found in soaps, shampoos, toothpastes and many other household items. Despite its widespread use, researchers at University of California, San Diego School ...

Mon 17 Nov 14 from Medical Xpress

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Largest ever study into the gay gene 'erodes the notion that sexual orientation is a choice'

A new scientific study of 409 pairs of gay brothers could put to rest decades of debate over the existence of the so-called 'gay gene'.

Fri 21 Nov 14 from The Independent

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Flu season off to a slow start ... for now

(HealthDay)—This year's flu season is off to a slow but detectable start. And it appears to be a typical one that's likely to peak in January or February, a leading U.S. health official says.

Fri 21 Nov 14 from Medical Xpress

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FDA approves new, hard-to-abuse hydrocodone pill

Federal health regulators have approved the first hard-to-abuse version of the painkiller hydrocodone, offering an alternative to a similar medication that has been widely criticized for lacking ...

Thu 20 Nov 14 from Medical Xpress

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