Researchers erase fearful memories in mice

Technique could one day lead to treatments for humans

Thu 28 Aug 14 from Science Now

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ZMapp drug fully protects monkeys against Ebola virus

In a test, 18 monkeys injected with the Ebola virus and treated with an experimental drug called ZMapp survived.

Fri 29 Aug 14 from ScienceNews

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Pulses to the brain bring memory gains

The ability to associate faces with words is boosted when an outer part of the brain is stimulated, a study shows.

Fri 29 Aug 14 from ScienceNews

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Major push to begin human tests of novel Ebola vaccines

NIH prepares small-scaled clinical trials to evaluate safety and immune responses

Thu 28 Aug 14 from Science Now

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E-cigarettes: The lingering questions

In the haze of incomplete data, scientists are divided over the risks and benefits of electronic cigarettes.

Tue 26 Aug 14 from Nature News

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Snacking while watching action movies leads to overeating

Is television making us fat? An increasing amount of research shows an association between TV viewing and higher food consumption and a more sedentary lifestyle. Now, a new Cornell University ...

8 hours ago from Medical Xpress

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Your Bacterial 'Aura' Follows You From Place to Place

Housemates may share more than a Netflix subscription and a mortgage – they also host an abundance of shared microbes, which significantly shape a home's overall micro-environment, according ...

Thu 28 Aug 14 from Discover Magazine

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Breakthrough in spinal cord research could lead to eventual motor neurone disease cure

Scientists have for the first time produced the "seed" cells of the human spinal cord in the lab – raising hopes that conditions such as muscular dystrophy could one day be treated by transplanting ...

Tue 26 Aug 14 from The Independent

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Gut bacteria discovery could lead to probiotic therapy for food allergies

As someone who almost shuffled off this mortal coil after downing a satay, I'm always hopeful when potential breakthroughs for the treatment of food allergies arise. The latest cause for hope, ...

Sun 31 Aug 14 from Gizmag

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Ebola's heavy toll on study authors

Five who participated in study of the genetics of deadly virus became infected and died while caring for patients or loved ones

Thu 28 Aug 14 from Science Now

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